Forget to call the courthouse, again?
We are making juror communication easy.

Jurymind provide a better means of communicating with jurors. Our app enables courts to send proactive messaging to jurors via mobile notifications.

Connect With Jurors

Jury administrators can send jurors reporting instructions, reminders, or last-minute trial cancellations. This increases convenience for jurors and provides a vastly improved means of communication.

Mobile Notifications

Jurymind uses established notifications systems on the major smartphone platforms to send messages to jurors. This ensures reliable delivery and the most flexibility with message content. Email reminders are also available. Outbound voice notifications available soon!

Courts Save

Juror no-shows rates in many counties across the U.S. are significant, some well over 50%. Last-minute pre-trial settlements can still require paying jurors who report when they are ultimately not needed. Jurymind's reminders and notification system can improve these problems, saving courts both time and money. This ultimately makes better use of taxpayer dollars.

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